My obsession with how we utilise emotion and logic to solve problems, make changes and remain committed to change throughout positive and challenging times has led me on a 15-year quest to change the lives of clients across a multitude of demographics.

I believe acknowledging the real reasons and triggers for change is key in any successful journey. We delve deep together to ascertain your strengths and improve your development areas to provide the right environment to flourish. This is the mission behind my work with clients – and the main outcome for The Gym Works Group.


With constant guidance and commitment combined with smart, consistent training and nutrition programming, anything is achievable. From an extensive background within the professional sporting arena, the desire to perform at my best and win is one of my core values and one with which I instil in my clients daily.

Learning to see failure as growth, creating a platform to educate, motivate and promote a positive environment is key for client success. Collaboration is vital and through this, results that last will be the outcome.


From an early age, I discovered a passion for weight training and helping others. My growth and passion for training has led me down the route of natural bodybuilding competing on a national stage as a Junior Bodybuilder. Undertaking the process of transforming body composition myself has enabled me to apply and provide others with the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out their own journey.

I recently competed and place 3rd at the BNBF midlands qualifier 2018 and 1st at the UKDFBA Northern qualifier.


Hi, my name is Brad. I have been involved in the Sports Medicine and therapy industry for over 5 years now and have completed a variety of private qualifications in sports therapy and also hold a degree in Sports Psychology and Business Management. I run my own business, whilst spending a great deal of time teaching for a private sports therapy course provider.

I am trained to be able to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and have done so with clients who work in an office, have their own business, are active gym goers, professional athletes and many more. My skillset is not limited by my client’s fitness level and occupation - if the body is in pain, then something is not functioning correctly!

My main passion is alternative and integrative medicine, such as manual therapy, functional medicine, corrective exercise and rehab and neurological treatment of a variety of injuries. I fell in love with the complexity of the human body from a young age, and since then I have not stopped exploring it and discovering various aspects.

Prior to being involved in this industry, I had my eyes on becoming a professional footballer. I played football for some clubs in my home country - Bulgaria, but after I arrived in the UK for my degree, life showed me another path, so I left competitive sport behind. I still love playing tho!


My passion is finding what makes people tick. During my 5 years in the industry I have endeavored to find the real reasons behind the quest for change. I look beyond purely the physical aspects of a transformation and try to determine my clients ‘why’.

Combining your why with simple nutritional principles, diligent monitoring and a hard yet smart training programme is what leads to truly breathtaking results.


Anna is a massage therapist with extensive training and experience in a wide range of treatment and therapy techniques. She has worked in spas, physiotherapy clinics and had a mobile practice for a number of years.

Starting as a beauty therapist, Anna quickly realised her interests were in massage. Therefore she pursued her passion and underwent a number of different courses to be able to treat clients’ muscular and bone pain effectively, within the sporting and general public sector. Anna loves what she does and continues to research and train to ensure she can provide the best possible treatment for all clients.