Asset Series 01: TIME.

We are all going to die.

I thought that might grab your attention.

Time, the one overriding and unavoidable factor that conquers over us all.  It dictates every habit, emotion, meeting, dinner, training session, phone call, in fact everything we have ever – and will ever do, be, say and decide.

Gaining much of our emotional inheritance, experience and perception of time – and mostly how to use it –  is a result of the intrinsic, extrinsic influences and environments that shape our early lives.  How we use time and how we manipulate it for our benefit, or detriment, is entirely down to our attitudes to the concept of time itself and its connection to our individual outcomes both personally and professionally.

Since 2000, the world has seen the largest and most profound societal and cultural shift in how we communicate and interact (or not).  A shift that has, and continues to infiltrate every emotion, opinion and outcome we have.  Infinite access to commodity, service and product has become a convenience.  With a swipe, a like or a click we can gain insight into anyone and anything we could ever want or desire (notice I didn’t say need here).  In more profound terms, the digital evolution has become just as much a part of our fundamental make up as our bodies and minds themselves.

With infiltration comes influence.  An influence that penetrates deep into both conscious and subconscious worlds having either an extremely positive upside game, or, impress false perception of what it takes to live a fulfilled and successful life.  At present I believe the latter is winning the influence game, with a small percentage of people utilising the magical social platforms, networking to their advantage and have becomes powerhouses of positive influence, people who should be given the stage in front of the more common ‘instagram influencers’.

For reference, and if you have not already, I suggest you check out the work that these guys are doing. Their attitudes to social media, networking and understanding its underlying potential as it pertains to human emotion is second to none.   There are many more incredible people than this short list suggests but these are a few influencers of my own and ones who I highly respect.

Tim Ferris: IG @timferris

Gary Vaynerchuk: IG @garyvee

Jamie Alderton: IG @grenadejay

Influence, attention time are becoming the ultimate arbitrage and through its trade, continues to shape and change our perception of time and how we develop as humans.

Want a date, get it now.  Want food or a ride?  Get it now.   Want to be famous? You can, now. It is hard not to become trapped in the tractor beam of this fast society where each is looking to outpace the next in product, attention, service or influence.

Each outlet has become one of convenience.  Products now blur the lines between industries and it seems if you cannot do this, you are being left behind.  For Example, your basketball top now gives you the latest team news, playlists, fashion and stats with just a tap of your phone.

The younger generation, where influence has its most concentrated and profound effect, are being fooled into a ‘Yes’ culture where the ‘all you need to do is ask and you shall receive’ attitude has become commonplace.  Now, although there is some level of truth and certain motivational properties to this attitude that when practiced correctly can be of great benefit, I believe the fundamental characteristics needed to give these outcomes traction and develop on multiple levels have become diluted and, in some cases lost altogether.

We want everything now.  Money, likes, fame, a new body and everything in between.  Now presents an urgency which, is fantastic and in the right cases elicits speed in the Micro (short term) stimulating a positive result in the Macro (more about patience in the next post).  Now can also have a detrimental effect to the minds of many.  You will have heard the word entitlement connected to todays’ younger generation.  Fast culture has, in a lot of cases influenced in such a way to our younger fellow humans that when the inevitable rejection or negative outcome arises, instead of assessing and seeing this perceived failure as a platform for self-development and progression to success, see it as an insult to their beliefs – and – instead of taking the TIME to commit to what they truly believe in, find solace in todays’ fast fix elsewhere.

Success is solely determined on the persons intrinsic understanding of Time and its undeniable link to constituent characteristics that bring about positive outcomes.

Any successful venture will always – and when I mean always I mean 100% of the time – require all the following attributes.  I actively encourage you to become comfortable and confident with these concepts as they will provide you with endless upside potential when it comes to the successful execution of ANY plan.  Bear in mind that these will take TIME and in most instances, a lot of it. Do not detract from this and understand that enjoying the process should become more fulfilling than the eventual outcome.

There is no cash buy in to START.  This makes the entry to change extremely easy.  All you have to do is commit and – really commit – I mean really commit to the macro (long term).  Do not wait to make the change, speed early on can build momentum, patience to play the long game will bring the win.

Understand that repetition is key to success. The process to achieving consistent positive outcomes is a simple, four step process that, with the underlying hard work, dedication and passion to execute, will leave you with nothing but the win.



This process can, and often will, take years of repetition to get you to the point of success. But again, if you cannot enjoy this process and change your underlying assumption of time and how to use it, you will never achieve your potential (whether that is to change the world, your career, your body & health)

This process includes vast amounts of discomfort.

Approaching, tackling and overcoming discomfort takes TIME.

Learning the emotional and physical qualities that are required for success take TIME to develop.

Controlling the infinite variables and developing suitable solutions take TIME.

Do you see the trend here?  Enjoy the process people. Want it now, but understand the Time investment required for missing the process will cost you dearly.  The cost comes from poor emotional development, respect for those who are consistently developing and succeeding (they no longer become ‘the lucky ones’), humility in success and failure, the value of emotional commodity vs material existence and the sheer pride in adding value to yourself, and those who share your journey.

It’s easy to be inspired, practicing success is much harder but far more rewarding.

TIME is your friend, enjoy it.




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