5 ways to achieve laser focus, now.

In a world filled with stressors imposed upon us, it is easy to become distracted from the things that really matter when it comes to achieving high levels of Focus and efficiency with jobs at hand.
It is extremely easy to justify the reasons for being over tired, under productive and generally underwhelmed with life.  With the barrage of extrinsic stressors from the places and people we spend most of our time with as well as the self-imposed, intrinsic stressors from scenario building, negative association and perception of events not yet unfolding, you would excuse us for not being at our best.
However, is this justification an excuse for not performing as we should? Of course not.  By following these 5 simple steps – your ability to combat stress and achieve laser like focus on work tasks and gym sessions will improve dramatically.


Understanding your current hierarchy of needs is key to implementing the most educated changes to activity, training, nutrition and lifestyle as possible. For most, health and activity sit quite low on their list of priorities with hyper palatable foods, work and relationships coming out on top.  Neglecting one’s own health will lead to a poorer investment into the important things like family time, training intensity and living positively. In order to achieve focus across different parts of our lives, knowing where our priorities lie is vital.
TIP:  Write down all your current stressors from the three environments that you spend most of your time (work, gym, home).  You can then begin to see where you can make small, but meaningful improvements to each, thus rearranging your hierarchy to one that focuses on both physical and mental health.

      2. HYDRATE

Water is the keystone to optimal physical and psychological performance. It is responsible for improving every system within the body.  From detoxification to skin health, brain function to muscle contraction – being hydrated will immediately dial your performance up a few notches.
TARGET: Aim for 2-3 litres as a minimum.  That is just 4-6 500ml bottles throughout your day.
TIP:  Start your day with 500ml-1litre of cold water mixed with fresh lemon or lime for taste and increased alkalinity.

      3. MOVE

No one likes sitting down for too long.  However, many of us spend our days going from Bed to Car to desk to car to sofa to bed – perpetually living in a state of immobility.  The effects of living a sedentary life are not limited to just an increase in body fat (in some cases considerable).  Poor mood, fogginess and poor productivity, increased risk of injury and demotivation to live a healthy lifestyle are all present in the movement poor.
Everyone can move more.  Even those who are limited due to long periods at the desk.  Take the stairs instead of the lift.  Get outdoors during lunchtimes and breaks or use morning or evening times to take a walk for recovery, energy expenditure and a mental reset.
There is no down side to moving more.  Only a leaner physique, improved work focus and quality, increased appreciation of the outdoors and an opportunity to be active with friends, partners and family.  Get up now and get those steps in.
If you would like to read about how movement can improve your health further, take a look at our article on why Sitting on your arse is bad for you here. https://thegymworksgroup.com/soya-is-bad-for-you/
TIP:  Shoot for 10,000 steps per day.  It is a great start point that can add value in so many ways.


Distractions come in many forms with social media becoming one of humanities biggest procrastinators.  Rather than focussing on our own progress and growth, we spend a disproportionate amount of our days scrolling through our feeds, living vicariously through others fleeting moments of positivity.  Add to this our real-world distractions and we soon perceive that we have ‘no time’ to focus and progress.
TIP:  Download an app that tracks your phones social media usage.  There are many available including In Moment, Freedom and Anti-social.  They will quickly tell you how much time you are spending on distractions versus focussing on tasks at hand.  By acknowledging how much time is spent being distracted, you can quickly find more simple solutions to improve your concentration and energy on the tasks that matter.

      5. GET TO THE GYM

Building a robust, durable and lean physique should be a priority for anyone looking to lead a focussed and healthful life.  Now, by this I do not necessarily mean a bodybuilders physique.  In fact, I mean anything but.   Being leaner reduces your risk of death by any means significantly, reduces the risk of injury (namely musculoskeletal issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle) as well as vitalising you and improving your chances of living positively.
TIP: Pick a method of activity that works for you.  This may be a group class, Personal Training course or, just going to the gym and training yourself.  Then seek the help of friends and fitness professionals alike to guide you towards improved performance.




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